12/19/17 10:02 AM

The New 2016 ALTA Commitment...SoftPro has You Covered!

Although the decertification date of the 2006 ALTA Commitment has been pushed back to August 1, 2018, you can still use the new 2016 Commitment now! SoftPro has worked with the various underwriters to ensure that the updated 2016 ALTA Commitment is ready and available for you now.

Want to know what changed with the new form? You can view an FAQ document with details on the 2016 ALTA Commitment below:


Ready to download the new forms?

If you use SoftPro Standard or Enterprise, you can download the forms below:


Ifyou use SoftPro Select, please contact SoftPro Support at 800-848-0143, option 3 or email support@softprocorp.com for the new forms.

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