6/21/22 11:46 AM

Introducing SoftPro Protect: Cybersecurity for Title Companies

Introducing a new cost-effective cybersecurity solution for title companies: SoftPro Protect powered by QOMPLX. With 24/7 continuous security monitoring and real-time assessments, SoftPro Protect can detect attackers before they can do potential harm.

SoftPro Protect in 60 seconds:

SoftPro's partnership with cybersecurity firm QOMPLX makes SoftPro Protect an affordable solution for any size operation, with varying price points dependent upon the number of employees in an organization. SoftPro Protect includes Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services that provide firms with real-time threat detection, investigation, response, prevention, and reporting from both cybersecurity tools and security operations experts. This combination of QOMPLX expertise and leveraging your existing security tools creates a holistic understanding of your networking including visible attack surface, true authentication of users in your network, and management of appropriate user privileges. Additionally, SoftPro Protect performs external scans to assess and analyze security vulnerabilities in order to prioritize risk remediation and response. SoftPro Protect's virtual Chief Information Security Office (vCISO) advisory services provide peace of mind to organizations with or without a full-time CTO or CIO.

"The title industry is a constant target of cyber-crime, so SoftPro is beyond thrilled to partner with QOMPLX to offer a necessary and affordable cybersecurity solution to the market," stated Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. "It is vital that our customers maintain due care and process of data protection, and SoftPro Protect provides that essential protection."

The pairing of SoftPro's closing and title expertise and QOMPLX's best-in-class cybersecurity services provides settlement agents with a dedicated, trusted solution. SoftPro Protect's broad range of services, including attack surface monitoring, security recommendations, and real-time detection and response, provide even the smallest operation with comprehensive cybersecurity protection. While recovering from a cyber-attack can be devastating to a business, offensively preventing an attack can be routine with the services of SoftPro Protect powered by QOMPLX.

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