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It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Claim Your Free Advisory Service!

As the world continues to share, search, and interact online, the threat of data breaches continues to rise. Active security threats against companies of all sizes and sectors are now common, and the title industry is a key target. Is your company protected? How much do you know about your company's cybersecurity positioning? SoftPro is here to help by providing 3 free hours of advisory services with SoftPro Protect

SoftPro Protect powered by QOMPLX was recently introduced as a cost-effective cybersecurity solution for title companies. With 24/7 continuous security monitoring and real-time assessments, SoftPro Protect can detect attackers before they can do potential harm.

SoftPro Protect is an affordable solution for any size operation, with varying price points dependent upon the number of employees in an organization. SoftPro Protect’s broad range of services, including attack surface monitoring, security recommendations, and real-time detection and response, provide even the smallest operation with comprehensive cybersecurity protection. While recovering from a cyber-attack can be devastating to a business, offensively preventing an attack can be routine with the services of SoftPro Protect.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Take the time to reflect on your security strategy and ask some simple questions:

  • How is your security strategy compared to your peers? 
  • Do you need to uplevel your security strategy to better protect yourself and your customers? 

SoftPro Protect experts are ready to help with three (3) hours of free advisory services to jump-start your security planning. With SoftPro Protect, a dedicated security advisor will work hand-in-hand with you to help establish and maintain your security vision, strategy, and programs. Senior consultants will advise you on security program strategies, prioritize areas for investment or uplift, perform due diligence, or sustain appropriate security capabilities.

SoftPro Protect in 60 seconds:

SoftPro Protect customers benefit from:

  • Confidence in the security of your business and data
  • Peace of mind against cyber attacks
  • A team of security experts at your fingertips, great for organizations without a dedicated security team
  • Compliance with ALTA Best Practices
  • Increased trust from banks with whom you do business

Ready to take advantage of your free advisory service or learn how SoftPro Protect can empower your business?


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