10/28/20 1:47 PM

Manage Your Real Estate Tasks Seamlessly with SoftPro [Free Guide]

At SoftPro, we know our real estate partners are juggling countless tasks, while expertly moving each transaction toward a successful closing. That’s why SoftPro offers premier task management solutions to make your job and staying on top of your...
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9/24/20 1:54 PM

How to Host an Engaging Webinar [Free E-book]

From multi-day conventions with hundreds of attendees to lunch and learns with you and your coworkers, to the ever popular webinars, education opportunities are an important component of the real estate industry. It’s where professionals learn a new...
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9/1/20 10:42 AM

Why you should consider ALTA membership [Free E-book]

As part of our commitment to the SoftPro family, we're dedicated to providing first-class educational opportunities to our customers, as well as protecting their interests by staying on top of issues shaping the broader real estate and title industry....
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8/6/20 10:24 AM

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan [Free E-book]

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan is a necessity for any business. A shift out of the office environment and to a work-from-home setting can be caused by any series of events, such as a short term power outage, a longer term natural...
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6/3/20 3:47 PM

Connect with Customers Virtually with Sales & Marketing [Free E-book]

The coronavirus pandemic created a shift for real estate professionals with restrictions on interacting with their customers in person. With this shift came the opportunity to enhance the ways we communicate with our clients online. Embracing...
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4/22/20 10:03 AM

How to Achieve a Paperless Office [Free E-book]

The concept of a “paperless office” isn’t new. In fact, the real estate industry has been adopting technology to become a more digitized environment for years. For example, recent developments in Remote Online Notarizations (RON), acceptance of ...
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4/8/20 11:12 AM

RON Part 2: A How-To Guide and Providers You Should Know [Free E-book]

More and more states are adopting Remote Online Notarization (RON) legislation. RON provides access to critical tools in today's climate of remote working, allowing businesses to execute real estate documents with clients, vendors and government...
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3/25/20 9:29 AM

Remote Online Notarization Part 1: What You Need to Know [Free E-book]

Remote Online Notarization (RON) has been in the news for years – ever since Virginia became the first state in the country to allow the practice in 2011. As of Jan. 1, 2020, 17 states allow notaries to conduct remote notarizations and 5 others have...
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3/19/20 9:34 AM

Top 3 Types of Automation for Beginners [Free Guide]

Have you wanted to begin using automation in SoftPro, but don't know where to start? SoftPro Select is our most customizable, most comprehensive software solution we have to offer and allows you to automate tasks that are normally done manually,...
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2/13/20 9:37 AM

How SoftPro LIVE can simplify your closing communication [Free E-book]

It has been almost seven years since we introduced SoftPro LIVE, the customizable tool that empowers title professionals to communicate with their real estate agents, buyers/sellers, attorneys and lenders real-time and at any time. But we know not all...
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