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Update on ALTA Policy Forms


Below you will find ALTA updates on Closing Protection Letters, new endorsements, technical corrections and a withdrawn endorsement. 

Updated ALTA Closing Protection Letters

The Board approved a recommendation from the Forms Committee to revise the Closing Protection Letters: 

  • ALTA Closing Protection Letter - Single Transaction (12-01-2015)
  • ALTA Closing Protection Letter - Multiple Transactions (12-01-2015)

The committee recognized the need to address wire fraud incidents and attempts, including a clarification of coverage extended to customers in the Closing Protection Letters. 

  • Clarification of the optional header details to add the Issuing Office and ALTA Registry ID. 
  • Clarification of Conditions and Exclusions to address wire fraud and related incidents. 
  • Clarification of Conditions and Exclusions to emphasize the prohibition of class actions should an insurer choose to exclude the optional Arbitration Clause. 

New Endorsements Added

  • ALTA Endorsement 3.3 (Zoning - Completed Improvement - Non-Conforming Use)
  • ALTA Endorsement 3.4 (Zoning - No Zoning Classification) 
  • ALTA Endorsement 18.3 (Single Tax Parcel and ID) 

Technical Corrections

  • ALTA Endorsement 9-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, minerals - Loan Policy (04-02-2012) has been corrected to align the text following paragraph 4.a.ii for clarity. 
  • From "ALTA Endorsement 32-06 Construction Loan - Los of Priority" to "ALTA Endorsement 32-06 Construction Loan"
  • From "ALTA Endorsement 32.1-06 Construction Loan - Loss of Priority - Direct Payment" to "ALTA Endorsement 32.1-06 Construction Loan - Direct Payment" 
  • From "ALTA Endorsement 32.2-06 Construction Loan - Loss of Priority - Insured's Direct Payment" to "ALTA Endorsement 32.2-06 Construction Loan - Insured's Direct Payment" 

Withdrawn Endorsement

This endorsement has been withdrawn from final publication for further development. 

  • ALTA Endorsement 34.1 (Identified Exception & Identified Risk Coverage)


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