5/18/23 10:30 AM

What To Know About eClosings and How SoftPro Can Help

Technology is changing how the world conducts business at lightning speed, and the title and escrow industry is no different. The entire home closing process is going digital, from originations to post-closing document preparation. SoftPro is leading the...
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4/6/23 10:46 AM

6 Considerations for Your Sponsorship Budget

In today's competitive business landscape, sponsorships have become a crucial tool for title agencies to increase brand visibility, attract new clients, and stay ahead of the competition. To ensure your sponsorships are worth the investment, it's vital...
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10/27/22 10:47 AM

Digital Closings Continue to Evolve - What Title Companies Need to Know [Free Guide]

Long a favorite topic for innovators within our industry, digital closings – or eClosings as they are more commonly called – are more commonplace than ever due to the benefits in security and convenience, along with evolving customer expectations.
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9/22/22 10:52 AM

Welcome to the Title and Closing Industry [Free Guide]

SoftPro is excited to welcome you to the title and closing industry! Whether this is the beginning of your career or you’re transitioning from another industry, we’re here to help you learn about the business we love. With 38 years (and counting) of real...
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8/17/22 1:46 PM

A Guide to Effective Remote Work [Free E-book]

Nearly two and a half years after the pandemic sent workers from the office to their homes, almost everyone wants to keep it that way. Remote work - whether it’s full-time or hybrid - has become the norm for white-collar workers in the U.S. Even as the...
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7/26/22 1:54 PM

2022 Update for Commercial Real Estate [Free E-book]

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry continues to thrive in 2022. After surviving the COVID storm, it continues to recover and expand beyond its pre-pandemic levels. While the multifamily and industrial sectors have roared back to life bigger and...
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6/30/22 10:48 AM

How to Take Advantage of the SoftPro Documents Portal [Free E-book]

Home closings can be stressful experiences, especially for first-time homebuyers. Your customers count on you to seamlessly organize and administer the closing process so they can stop stressing and start moving in. But even for skilled title...
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5/25/22 10:54 AM

Housing Prices and Inflation [Free E-book]

A lot is going on in the housing market. As the country inches out of the pandemic, news of housing prices, inflation, and interest rates can be overwhelming. With so much information thrown around,even the most experienced real estate professionals can...
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4/13/22 1:52 PM

2022 RON Update for the Title Industry [Free E-book]

RON, also known as Remote Online Notarization, is a hot topic in the title industry for good reason. With more states than ever allowing RON, the opportunity to offer this exciting service to your customers has never been greater. While the pandemic...
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1/20/22 10:48 AM

Housing Market Predictions for 2022 [Free E-book]

Unprecedented. Has anyone used that word to describe the past two years yet? We joke, but it aptly describes the real estate market during the first two turbulent and unpredictable years of the new decade. Depleted inventory, skyrocketing home prices,...
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