5/18/23 10:30 AM

What To Know About eClosings and How SoftPro Can Help

Technology is changing how the world conducts business at lightning speed, and the title and escrow industry is no different. The entire home closing process is going digital, from originations to post-closing document preparation. SoftPro is leading the...
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10/13/22 10:53 AM

It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Claim Your Free Advisory Service!

As the world continues to share, search, and interact online, the threat of data breaches continues to rise. Active security threats against companies of all sizes and sectors are now common, and the title industry is a key target. Is your company...
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8/30/22 1:48 PM

SoftPro Featured in October Research 2022 eClosing Solutions Showcase

eClosings continue to increase in popularity due to their convenience and efficiency, but navigating the ever-growing list of eClosings solutions can be overwhelming. To help you understand the vast array of eClosing options, October Research has put...
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4/13/22 1:52 PM

2022 RON Update for the Title Industry [Free E-book]

RON, also known as Remote Online Notarization, is a hot topic in the title industry for good reason. With more states than ever allowing RON, the opportunity to offer this exciting service to your customers has never been greater. While the pandemic...
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12/20/21 2:41 PM

SoftPro Featured in October Research eClosing Solutions Showcase

SoftPro has been featured in October Research's 2021 eClosings Solutions Showcase. The eClosing Solutions Showcase is a quick and easy buyer's guide to help you find the right technology solutions to fit your business. 
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9/15/21 1:04 PM

Earnest Money Goes Digital [Free E-book]

As a title and escrow professional, you can probably recite the steps to a real estate closing in your sleep and want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. Especially in tight housing markets, where every second counts...
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7/28/21 10:47 AM

Free Webinar: Training Your Team to be Cybersafe

When was the last time you trained your staff on cybersecurity best practices? Just as threats are evolving every day, so must your team. They need to have proactive, compliant habits and security in place to prevent an attack and know how to respond to...
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7/1/21 10:51 AM

1031 Exchange Rules and Processes [Free E-book]

At first glance, a 1031 Exchange might seem daunting. Doesn’t it deal with the tax code? It may sound complicated and like it involves a lot of forms. A 1031 Exchange gets its name from Section 1031 of the IRS tax code. But the concept behind the popular...
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12/4/20 10:49 AM

Download the Free Mastering MSAs Webinar from SoftPro and RESPA News

The CFPB recently rescinded Compliance Bulletin 2015-05 on RESPA Compliance and Marketing Service Agreements (MSAs). SoftPro and RESPA News teamed up to offer you a webinar on what you need to know about these changes.
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10/12/20 2:04 PM

Download October Research's eClosing: Your Questions Answered Webinar

Remote and eClosings have become more commonplace throughout 2020, but we know there are still questions about the process. SoftPro recently sponsored a webinar presented by October Research titled eClosing: Your Questions Answered. Webinar highlights...
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