1/4/23 1:48 PM

4 Reasons to Consider Switching to SoftPro Select Hosted

Kudos to you if you’re one of over 60,000 users who have already learned firsthand about everything your SoftPro closing, title, and escrow software can do to optimize your business and streamline processes. By now, you know that using your SoftPro...
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10/28/20 1:47 PM

Manage Your Real Estate Tasks Seamlessly with SoftPro [Free Guide]

At SoftPro, we know our real estate partners are juggling countless tasks, while expertly moving each transaction toward a successful closing. That’s why SoftPro offers premier task management solutions to make your job and staying on top of your files...
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3/30/20 1:17 PM

SoftPro Hosted is Your Best Remote Working Solution

Are you familiar with SoftPro's hosted software solution? In addition to being fully customizable and configurable, SoftPro Hosted gives you all the same features and functionality of SoftPro Select, without the IT costs. SoftPro easily and securely...
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3/19/20 9:34 AM

Top 3 Types of Automation for Beginners [Free Guide]

Have you wanted to begin using automation in SoftPro, but don't know where to start? SoftPro Select is our most customizable, most comprehensive software solution we have to offer and allows you to automate tasks that are normally done manually, saving...
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3/2/18 11:40 AM

Dealing with commercial closings? Ditch your Excel!

Great software for commercial transactions should provide the same benefits as for residential - save time and reduce the risk of errors, to ultimately provide better customer service with faster turnaround and more accurate work. Unfortunately, many...
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