10/7/21 1:47 PM

Understanding Your Reconciliation Reports: The EARS Report

Whether you're a SoftPro reconciliation service customer or you prepare your own reconciliation reports, it's important to understand what the reports are telling you. It's not enough to receive a report that is balanced three ways and assume all is...
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11/5/20 10:11 AM

Your Auditor Called — Do You Know Their Audit Requirements?

If you hold and disburse client funds, it is your responsibility to make sure all funds make it to the appropriate parties, leaving your file ledger with a zero balance. In order to ensure the integrity of this process, there are multiple auditing bodies...
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5/5/20 9:17 AM

Make the most of your down time and catch up on your reconciliations!

If you are like so many Americans, you may be finding that your daily routine has been interrupted, and your day-to-day tasks have changed. This may be the perfect time to get caught up on the things that sometimes fall behind, such as the reconciliation...
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11/6/19 9:12 AM

What to do when your escrow trial balance shows multiple balances

Settlement providers acting in a fiduciary capacity have a responsibility and obligation to make sure all funds are accurately collected and disbursed in a timely manner. Amounts reflected on the trial balances should only be there while the file is...
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8/6/19 3:36 PM

There's an Exception Ledger on my Trial Balance. What should I do?

  The Trial Balance Report provides us with a lot of important information and is a critical part of keeping your account balanced three ways. It's a snapshot of all files with positive and/or negative balances as of the report date. A regular review of...
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5/7/19 9:13 AM

The bank made an error! How to fix bank and book balance discrepancies

Have you ever received word from your reconciler that there is an amount that cleared the bank that does not match what you have posted in your ledger, or maybe it is not even posted at all? Discrepancies between the bank and book transactions can occur...
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2/6/19 8:52 AM

Ostlie Law Maximizes Efficiency with SoftPro Reconciliation Services

The Law Office of Jeffrey Ostlie, P.A. is a real estate firm in Orlando, Florida formed in 2010. With a focus on real estate and business law, SoftPro's reconciliation services proved to be exactly what their office needed to maximize efficiency. 
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8/29/18 10:00 AM

How a 3-way reconciliation can help you get happy with the numbers

What would happen if one of your customer ledgers had a negative balance that went undetected for several months or if a mortgage payoff never cleared the bank? Or maybe one of your closers forgot to issue a check for taxes or a receipt that you were...
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6/11/18 1:21 PM

What do reconciliations have to do with real estate settlements?

A question that some may ask is “What does reconciliation have to do with real estate settlement?” The answer is simple, “Everything”. We all know that most real estate transactions involve the exchange of significant amounts of money. That money is...
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5/10/18 2:00 PM

Internal fraud is as devastating as external theft. Don't be a victim!

Every day, we hear more and more stories about millions of dollars being stolen as a result of external fraud or hacker attacks. But often times, financial fraud results from someone internally misappropriating consumer funds and performing fraudulent...
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