7/26/22 1:54 PM

2022 Update for Commercial Real Estate [Free E-book]

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry continues to thrive in 2022. After surviving the COVID storm, it continues to recover and expand beyond its pre-pandemic levels. While the multifamily and industrial sectors have roared back to life bigger and better than ever, the retail and office sectors are being reimagined to fit into the world of the future. Higher interest rates and inflation have caused some uncertainty recently, but these factors have spurred as many exciting opportunities as they have headaches among industry professionals.

For title professionals in the commercial market, it’s more important than ever to understand the intricacies of each sector so you know where to find business and how to give your clients the most value possible. Being able to specialize and localize your commercial offerings will allow you to become an expert in your market.

In this e-book, we’ll cover how each sector of the CRE industry has responded to the pandemic over the past few years, how these sectors have dealt with more recent market factors in the past few months, and their overall outlook for the future.

Finally, we’ll give you some tips on how to break in or expand your commercial title business. We'll also show you how SoftPro Select can simplify complex financial transactions and help you and your team perfect your commercial closings so you can thrive in the industry.

Download our free e-book to learn:

  • How each sector of the CRE industry has responded to the pandemic over the past few years
  • How the industry has dealt with recent market factors
  • The industry's outlook for the future
  • How SoftPro can simplify commercial transactions for your organization
  • And more!


Learn more about how the commercial closing functionality in SoftPro Select can help you simplify your commercial transactions.

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