4/21/23 1:52 PM

April 2023 State Regulatory Compliance Updates

The Mansion Tax is now effective in Los Angeles, two more Pennsylvania counties now allow eRecording, and Washington DC has adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act.


  • The CLTA, in its capacity as an advisory organization pursuant to Sections 12402-12402.2 of the Insurance Code, has requested a form filing with the DOI. The CLTA filed two updated policies and the Face Page to the Preliminary Report. The CLTA also requested the withdrawal of five policies and 101 endorsements. For more information, visit CLTA News.
  • Los Angeles Only — The Homelessness and Housing Solutions Tax (Mansion Tax) was passed by Los Angeles City voters in December 2022. The ballot initiative took effect on April 1, 2023, and imposes an additional transfer tax of up to 5.5% of the purchase price for property valued at over $5,000,000. The City of Los Angeles Office of Finance published a list of FAQs providing high level answers to general questions about the Mansion Tax. Visit LA FAQ for more information. 


  • Two additional counties have added eRecording capabilities. This brings the total to 51 out of 65 counties in the state that allow eRecording. Here is a full list of PA counties with eRecording.

Washington D.C.

  • Effective as of February 23, 2023, the District of Columbia has adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act. This means that there are some significant changes that have occurred. You can find the Uniform Power of Attorney Act at Title 21, Chapter 26 of the D.C. code

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