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Bill Fox, Trident Land Transfer - SoftPro Customer Testimonial

Bill Fox from Trident Land Transfer Testimonial tell us why he loves SoftPro


Customer since 2000

Products used: SoftPro Select

What goals has SoftPro helped you reach?

SoftPro helped us grow in efficiency and allow us to scale as we’re a fairly large organization. And as we grew and our market share grew, we were able to scale and SoftPro was able to handle the increased volume of transactions very seamlessly for us.

What sets SoftPro apart?

The most important differentiator that I see with SoftPro is that it’s a very stable company with a very good product and very good technology. But the biggest difference that I see is the support we get from SoftPro - the ability to call somebody and get a response. I just had one this morning where I had 2 or 3 responses from tech support in order to solve a problem we had. It’s not that we don’t have problems, it’s the ability to be nimble and the ability to react to them and fix them. And I think SoftPro excels in that regard.

What do you enjoy most about using SoftPro?

My favorite features are usually the latest or most recent ones because I am a techno geek. The most recent one that I really like a great deal is the ability to automate a process. It allows us to be much more efficient. We don’t have to have people touch and do things. We can automate processes based on certain things or other actions taking place or documents being received that can trigger other events without someone making 4 or 5 clicks to do so.

Do you have your SoftPro features to share with us? 

Let us know in the comments below or social media. We'd love to hear your story! 

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