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Connect with Title and Escrow Vendors in SoftPro 360 [Free E-book]

At the end of a real estate transaction comes the celebration: A buyer receives the keys to their new property. Excitement is in the air. Photos abound. And title and escrow professionals take a moment to reflect on why they do what they do: the satisfaction of helping buyers and sellers seamlessly arrive at a significant life milestone. But we know the road to the closing table isn’t always picture perfect. You and your team face lengthy to-do lists and must coordinate many moving parts.

Do you find the process of ordering closing and title services tedious and time-consuming? When you're preparing your closing file and need to order e-recording services, find a notary or order closing protection letters, the last thing you want to do is spend time finding a provider's website, placing a phone call or fax for the order, and then re-keying all of that information into your title production software.

SoftPro 360, our integrated and innovative vendor portal, streamlines this process so that you can place orders for closing, title and escrow services in one place without having to leave your SoftPro software. SoftPro 360 eliminates the need to rekey information, saves you money and perhaps most importantly, saves you time. Our portal gives you access to 50+ industry-leading vendors, who specialize in CPLs and jackets, e-recording, remote online notarization, e-closings, property and tax search, and more.

Download our free e-book to learn how to start using SoftPro 360 and the full list of benefits, including:

  • Free access in all editions of SoftPro software
  • Eliminates the time-intensive process of rekeying information, visiting multiple websites, and placing phone calls for orders
  • Saves you money, with many of our vendors offering their products and services at a preferred rate
  • Allows you to order directly from SoftPro, saving you time
  • Provides access to more than 60 industry-leading vendors (and counting!)


Check out the video below to learn more about how SoftPro 360 can work for you:

Ready to start using SoftPro 360? Learn more about how to get started:


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