6/3/20 3:47 PM

Connect with Customers Virtually with Sales & Marketing [Free E-book]

The coronavirus pandemic created a shift for real estate professionals with restrictions on interacting with their customers in person. With this shift came the opportunity to enhance the ways we communicate with our clients online. Embracing innovative and virtual communication strategies for sales and marketing is more important than ever. From boosting your online presence to connecting with video, a digital focus means you can maintain a personal touch even from afar. What’s more, inserting virtual tools into your sales and marketing plans will have lasting benefits for your customers and your company’s bottom line.

Bringing a renewed energy to your online presence takes your customer communications to the next level. The good news is you likely don’t have to start from scratch. Focus on taking your company’s current initiatives and transforming them into more digital, interactive experiences. Our free e-book will give you examples of tools and strategies you can implement to ensure you stay at the front of customers' minds, even when you can't see them face-to-face.

And remember - clearly defined goals are key to success. Make sure your sales and marketing teams stay aligned even if you have employees that are working remotely. Whether or not you have a designated marketing team, keeping the lines of communication open between those in your office who deal directly with customers and those who do not is vital. Use the valuable insight from each team or employee to tailor your marketing and sales efforts around your customer needs and perspectives.

Download our free e-book on connecting with customers virtually to learn:

  • • How to boost your online presence
  • • Tools that enable you to connect with customers through video
  • • Strategies for personalizing your sales and marketing efforts
  • • Ways your company can position itself as an industry voice
  • • Examples of how we're bringing the SoftPro experience directly to customers, remotely


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