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Dale Teruya, Title Partners Agency - SoftPro Customer Testimonial

Dale Teruya from Title Partners Agency tells us why he chose SoftPro and loves it!



Customer since 2015

Product used: SoftPro Select

What goals has SoftPro helped you reach?

SoftPro has helped us tremendously in our growth. When we selected SoftPro, we selected it based on two factors: one being a strength of the company and the leadership and the second one was the people. We made a conversion in 100* days, which wouldn’t have been possible without people at SoftPro. It helped us to get to that stage where we really want to be. We can’t forecast how technology is going to change, but we’re relying on SoftPro to make sure that the product will help us adapt to those changes in the future.

*Note from SoftPro: Title Partners Agency is a large organization with 50 users, which takes much longer to implement our software. 100 days was an extremely fast turnaround as organizations of this size usually take much longer to implement. 

Why would you recommend SoftPro to others?

I think the strength in SoftPro that we found is really in the people. The support people, the people in the leadership roles to make sure that the product is current and up to date. And ultimately, when you buy software, you think it’s always going to work. But what we’re really banking on are the people behind the product: support engineers, people answering phone calls, people who make programming changes for us. And I think that’s why you really invest in SoftPro.

Do you have your SoftPro success story to share with us? 

Let us know in the comments below or social media. We'd love to hear your story! 

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