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Elevate your closings with SoftPro LIVE, your communication portal!

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Have you ever wanted to automatically send custom emails, messages and documents to your customers to track the status of a closing? 
With SoftPro LIVE, you can securely communicate with all parties involved in a closing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Information can be accessed anywhere on a computer or through the mobile app, to provide your contacts with real-time updates on your closings. You can easily upload contact information, documents and create tasks directly from your SoftPro order, so you don't have to re-key data. And documents, emails and tasks can be shared automatically, so you don't have to do the manual work. You can even create your own custom SoftPro LIVE website and emails, complete with your company's branding, so it's familiar to your customers.


What can I do with SoftPro LIVE?  

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Access anywhere, anytime


Automatically share documents with your customers


Hyperlink documents with ease


Automate tasks and track the status of your closing

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Delegate permissions to all parties involved in the closing


Send customized email notifications

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Create a custom SoftPro LIVE website and domain, branded specifically for your company


Send two-way messages that flow directly into SoftPro


Directly receive and accept new orders from your SoftPro LIVE website with Web Order Entry

Are you ready to kick-start your all-in-one communication portal for more efficient closings? Learn more about the pricing, or contact us for any additional questions about SoftPro LIVE! 



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