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How to Achieve a Paperless Office [Free E-book]

The concept of a “paperless office” isn’t new. In fact, the real estate industry has been adopting technology to become a more digitized environment for years. For example, recent developments in Remote Online Notarizations (RON), acceptance of e-recordings and more employees working remotely are all contributing to the increased use of digital resources. Additionally, as fewer documents require the traditional in-person “wet signing,” the trend of reducing the amount of paper required for a successful real estate transaction is experiencing renewed interest.

So, what exactly defines a paperless office? A paperless office is one where printed documents are eliminated as much as legally possible. Whether your office is going all-in on a paperless environment or taking incremental steps to boost technology and reduce paper usage, benefits abound. Making the move to become more digital can save time, free up resources, improve efficiency and security, and of course, help the environment.

At first, going paperless can seem overwhelming – and old habits die hard. We have the steps you need to follow to help get you started, along with SoftPro tools and features that can help you on your path to a more paperless office.

Download our free e-book on embracing a paperless office to learn:

  • • Key terms related to achieving a digital environment
  • • Benefits of making the move to a paperless office
  • • Steps on how to transition to paperless
  • • Tools and technology SoftPro can offer to help with your digital journey


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