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How to Host an Engaging Webinar [Free E-book]

From multi-day conventions with hundreds of attendees to lunch and learns with you and your coworkers, to the ever popular webinars, education opportunities are an important component of the real estate industry. It’s where professionals learn a new skill, gain insight into emerging trends or brush up on laws and regulations. With technological advances and companies becoming more flexible with where their employees can work, events held in a virtual format will only continue to grow in number.

Now is a great time to hone your skills in how to deliver these successful webinars and online workshops yourself. It's important to establish your organization as a trusted resource for valuable, educational content, and hosting webinars or online meetings is a great place to start. 

So you want to host a webinar or online meeting, but how do you do it effectively? The online meeting platforms on the market today are as diverse as the events our real estate partners are hosting. Choosing the platform with the features and functionalities best suited to the type of online event your company plans to host is an important first step. You'll also want to make sure your team of presenters are equipped with all the technology needed to deliver a seamless online experience. Are you new to presenting or speaking? Not to worry - there are several strategies you can implement to ensure your attendees stay engaged throughout your presentation. Lastly, you want to be sure you know how to promote your event! After you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful virtual event, it’s time to tell people about it. Webinars and other online education opportunities present an opportunity to expand your company’s reach to new audiences.

Read more in our free e-book for more details, tips and tricks on how to host an engaging and informative virtual event.

Download our free e-book for tips and tools for hosting an informative online event, including:

  • How to choose a webinar or event platform
  • Equipment and technology for your virtual event
  • Tips for being an effective presenter
  • How to choose co-presenters
  • The best ways to promote your event
  • And more!


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