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Introducing Expanded First American Title AgentNet® Integration in SoftPro 360

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SoftPro released a newly enhanced integration with First American's AgentNet®, further optimizing the production of eJackets and closing protection letters. Through the integrated SoftPro 360 business exchange platform, SoftPro users can place on-line orders for First American™ products via the link with AgentNet®.

With the enhanced integration, SoftPro users can now create a policy jacket and validate rates simultaneously, optimizing workflow and reducing duplicative entry. Other new features include bulk remittance of up to 200 files in one process and on-screen reconciliation of premiums. SoftPro users can benefit from a simplified process and streamlined communication when requesting authorization and approval for Over Limit and other unusual risks via the Underwriter Request integration. SoftPro Select customers can now leverage automation capabilities for title searches and closing protection letters, as well as uploading final policy images.

"SoftPro is pleased to release this improved integration with AgentNet®, further streamlining the production of title documents for our customers who are agents of First American," commented Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer.

"We at First American Title are excited that our policy-issuing title agents can leverage these new service and automation offerings through the SoftPro 360 product suite. First American is dedicated to improving the customer experience by maximizing workflow efficiency and expanding integrated services. Our partnership with SoftPro to create innovative technology solutions allows our customers to streamline their processes and focus on growing their business," stated Trey Dirks, VP, Product & Information Technology.

The SoftPro 360 portal links the data from a SoftPro user's file to third-party vendors such as AgentNet®. By placing orders for products and services through SoftPro 360, settlement agents are able to improve productivity and increase accuracy by eliminating the need for re-keying data.

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