8/12/20 10:15 AM

Introducing CertSimple, Inc. Integration in SoftPro 360

CertSimple and SoftPro 360 Integration

SoftPro announced the integration of its SoftPro 360 business exchange platform with CertSimple, Inc. for property tax and homeowners association certification. With the availability of the new integration, SoftPro customers can directly order CertSimple, Inc. services through their SoftPro platform. 

CertSimple, Inc. provides Property Tax and Homeowners Association Certificates containing “Live Time” data from county appraisal districts and tax offices with direct verification of information before completing certificates. SoftPro customers can place orders for tax certificates within SoftPro and will receive status notifications from CertSimple, Inc. through their SoftPro software as well. 

Patrick Hempen, SoftPro Chief Customer Officer, stated, "SoftPro is pleased to offer this newest integration with CertSimple for our customers. We pride ourselves in creating partnerships that contribute to our customers' improved efficiency and productivity in serving their clients." 

The SoftPro 360 business exchange platform is available as a free service to SoftPro users. As a link between the SoftPro environment and third-party vendors such as CertSimple, it eliminates the need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, e-mails and phone calls. 

Senior vice president and general manager of CertSimple, Russell Miller, said about the integration, "CertSimple's industry leading technology and customer-centric business model has allowed us to become the go to property tax and homeowners association certificate provider in Texas. Not just another vendor, CertSimple creates partnerships with our clients and by integrating with SoftPro 360 our partnerships become even stronger." 

Thanks to CertSimple's "Live Time" data and extensive automated coverage, customers receive the best turn-around time. Their solutions improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk, and provide property tax and homeowners association certificates with standardized reporting for all tax agencies. Learn more about SoftPro 360.

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