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Introducing ClosingsLIVE for Desktop & Mobile!

Introducing ClosingsLIVE, your all-in-one communication portal for simpler, more efficient closings. With ClosingsLIVE, you can provide all authorized parties with secure access to track the status of your closings anytime, anywhere. Elevate your closing experience and save time for everyone with automatic emails, messages, and the ability to share documents with your customers - 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 

See ClosingsLIVE in action: 

With ClosingsLIVE, you can:

  • Post documents electronically to a secure MFA website where your customers can view them
  • Upload contact information, documents, and the status of order tasks directly from your SoftPro order — no need to re-key data
  • Provide your customers with appropriate access for the orders with which they are associated
  • Automate tasks and track the status of your closings with real-time updates
  • Send automated, customized email notifications regarding order status and tasks
  • Communicate with your customers via two-way messaging that flows directly into SoftPro
  • Hyperlink your documents to other important order information
  • Track how far along an order is with completed, pending, and future milestones
  • As an option, create your own custom ClosingsLIVE website and domain, branded specifically for your company

Plus, go mobile with the new ClosingsLIVE app:

  • Available for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices
  • Push notifications can be sent via the app directly to users' phones when an order is first shared, when a particular milestone or document is updated, and when an order is closed
  • Features a sleek, clean interface for quick and easy access to order details
  • App users can customize their view to display different levels of detail and sort orders by open date, closing date, milestones, and more
  • Your ClosingsLIVE orders within the app can be branded for your business for more marketing visibility

Are you ready to streamline your closings and communicate more efficiently with your customers? Learn more about ClosingsLIVE:


Interested in seeing a demo or want more information? Contact us about ClosingsLIVE today:


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