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Introducing the DomiDocs Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro has released a new integration with DomiDocs, Inc. SoftPro users can provide homeowners secure digital delivery, permanent cloud-based storage of their closing documents, and immediate fraud protection with the DomiDocs Homeowner Enablement Platform®. This integration is made possible through the free SoftPro 360 vendor portal that links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of third-party service providers.

With at-closing and post-closing fraud protection, the DomiDocs platform is designed for daily homeowner use and allows title companies and their partners to stay in front of customers post-transaction. Homeowner licensing includes the premier suite of HomeLock™ property fraud protection, TrueValueIndex® professional grade home valuations, and propRtax™ annual property tax analysis. This system pays for itself through comprehensive home management tools that provide organization, education and technology designed to increase the home’s value, mitigate costly risks, and reduce expenses throughout homeownership.

“SoftPro is pleased to offer the DomiDocs integration to our customers who are seeking new revenue streams and value-add opportunities for their clients,” stated SoftPro Chief Customer Officer Patrick Hempen.

"Our products and services are market-fluctuation agnostic,” said William McKenna IV, DomiDocs Founder and CEO. “All American homeowners are feeling the financial pinch in this economic environment where homeownership costs have increased 26% since 2020. Our goal is to consolidate down all the homeowners’ business needs into one single management portal of convenience. By uniting all the different technologies, service providers, and education, we empower homeowners. This is more than just a tech play; it's an advancement in homeownership.” 

By eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks including email and phone correspondence, SoftPro customers can increase productivity while minimizing errors from re-keying data by ordering services through the free SoftPro 360 platform. SoftPro 360 acts as a seamless two-way highway between SoftPro users and a nationwide network of integrated vendors such as DomiDocs. 

View our full list of SoftPro 360 vendors.

Are you new to SoftPro 360? Learn more about SoftPro 360 and how to get started using it in your SoftPro software.


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