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Introducing Notarize Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro has released a new integration with NotarizeSM for online notarizations. SoftPro users can place and manage both title and lender-initiated notary transactions through Notarize via the SoftPro 360 business exchange portal without leaving their SoftPro environment, creating an efficient and streamlined experience.

Notarize's On-Demand Notary service connects SoftPro signers with a network of commissioned Notarize notaries anytime. Additionally, the In-House Notary service routes notarizations to SoftPro users' own contracted in-house notaries. Both service options allow for maximum notarization service coverage during off-hours or in overflow situations, so a commissioned notary will always be available to serve your customers 24/7, from any device.

"The demand for online notarization services has never been higher, and our integration with Notarize gives SoftPro customers more flexibility in obtaining those services," stated SoftPro Chief Customer Officer Patrick Hempen.

"Consumers are clamoring for faster, better, paperless closings, and the seamless online notarization integration into SoftPro 360 gives SoftPro customers the easiest and most effective way to decrease closing times and improve operational efficiencies," said Terri Davis, General Manager of Real Estate at Notarize. "By leveraging Notarize's platform and flexible notary fulfillment options, customers can close where and how they like, leveraging the options that best serve the needs of their business."

SoftPro 360 provides a seamless pathway for SoftPro customers to electronically order title-related products and services from a nationwide network of third-party vendors such as Notarize. Free to all SoftPro users, SoftPro 360 eliminates the need for manual ordering processes such as phone calls and emails, saving time and improving productivity as well as accuracy.

View our full list of SoftPro 360 vendors.

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