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Introducing the Pythonic Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro announced the release of a new AI integration with Pythonic Corporation for intelligent closing disclosure (CD) processing. SoftPro users can seamlessly submit CD’s for the purposes of identifying any differences between their SoftPro data and a lender’s CD.

The integration is made possible through the free SoftPro 360 vendor portal available to all SoftPro users. Once a SoftPro user invokes the Pythonic CD processing service via SoftPro 360, Pythonic’s service collects information associated with the transaction including related fees from the existing SoftPro order along with a new lender closing disclosure that can be attached to the order or uploaded from a user’s device. The Pythonic service identifies the differences between the information and fees in the lender CD compared to the SoftPro order. Users can review the differences and decide whether or not to update the order with the new lender values on a line-by-line basis. 

"We are pleased to offer SoftPro customers the ability to streamline their closing disclosure processing through our new integration with Pythonic,” stated Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “The intelligent processing of CDs will save our customers tremendous amounts of time and provide greater accuracy when comparing data from their SoftPro order to the lender’s CD.”

SoftPro 360 provides a seamless link between SoftPro users and a nationwide network of third-party vendors such as Pythonic. Being able to leverage an AI solution and electronically submit CD data for processing improves accuracy and eliminates manual processes that consume time and energy. 

“We’re thrilled to bring our industry-leading AI capabilities to the SoftPro community through our CD processing integration with SoftPro 360,” commented Matt Younkle, Pythonic co-founder and CEO. “This will be the first of many integrations as we continue to expand the capabilities of our machine learning models to read and comprehend the entire spectrum of documents involved in title transactions,” Younkle added. 

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