7/20/20 2:58 PM

Introducing Safe Escrow Integration in SoftPro 360!


SoftPro announced the release of its new Safe Escrow integration for use within the SoftPro 360 business exchange platform. Title agents who are SoftPro users can seamlessly utilize Safe Escrow’s underwriter-approved collaborative disbursement system from the time of opening a new order through post-closing.

Safe Escrow provides increased protection from fraud with its SafeValidationTM feature which verifies that funds are wired to the seller’s bank account by authenticating the payee as well as verifying that payoff funds are wired to the correct party. The validation system protects the funds of all parties involved in the transaction from buyers and sellers to the lender and payoff institution. Safe Escrow also performs all post-funding, escheatment, and regulatory audits.

Patrick Hempen, Chief Customer Officer with SoftPro commented, "Helping our customers facilitate the safe disbursement of funds is of utmost importance, and the integration with Safe Escrow provides another option for handling secured transactions. With the shared data between their SoftPro environment and Safe Escrow, our customers can be even more efficient without having to re-key their order information."

The integration with Safe Escrow is made possible through the SoftPro 360 business exchange platform. Free for all SoftPro users, SoftPro 360 automatically links the data from a SoftPro order to dozens of national third-party vendors who SoftPro customers order closing-related services through. SoftPro 360 streamlines the exchange of data eliminating the need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, e-mails and phone calls and ultimately saving time for SoftPro customers. Learn more about SoftPro 360.


Please Note: The Safe Escrow integration is available for use with SoftPro Select, SoftPro Standard, and SoftPro Enterprise editions. If you have SoftPro Standard or Enterprise edition, you must be running Standard version 21.8 and above, or Enterprise version 31.8 and above, in order to use the Safe Escrow integration. Please contact SoftPro Support if you’d like to upgrade your version.

Not sure which SoftPro edition you use? Open your SoftPro software. If you see a circular house icon in the top left window as pictured below, you are using SoftPro Select and do not require an upgrade.

If you do not see the circular house icon above, you are running either SoftPro Standard or Enterprise and should verify if you are using Standard version 21.8 or Enterprise version 31.8. If not, please contact SoftPro Support to schedule an upgrade to begin using the Safe Escrow integration in SoftPro 360.

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