7/13/22 10:52 AM

Introducing SoftPro Sign: An eSign and RON Solution

SoftPro has released a powerful new product that has both eSign and Remote Online Notarization (RON) functionality. SoftPro Sign is a versatile solution that can be used exclusively for eSigning, or for eSigning paired with RON. Available within the SoftPro 360 business exchange portal, SoftPro Sign supports the increased demand for a digital closing experience. 

SoftPro Sign in 60 Seconds

Key Benefits: 

  • Utilize eSign only or eSign + RON
  • Ability to be your own notary or choose from a network of notaries
  • Secure login with multi-factor authentication
  • Facilitates eSign and RON transactions without having to leave your SoftPro software, streamlining your workflow

With SoftPro Sign, all parties involved in a real estate transaction can securely sign and/or notarize documents online. It provides seamless collaboration with the settlement agent, lender, realtor, investor, and consumer. Whether the need is for simple, secure eSigning of documents or full RON support, SoftPro Sign has settlement agents' needs covered, allowing them to keep their own RON services in-house. With the option to do e-sign only, RON only, or both within SoftPro Sign, settlement agents no longer have to choose between vendors who offer only one or the other. 

"We are thrilled to offer a product as timely as SoftPro Sign for secure eSign and RON capabilities," stated Joyce Weiland, president of SoftPro. "Our customers can meet the demands of their clients and business partners for closing anywhere and anytime with this new offering."

Settlement agents can use SoftPro Sign simply by creating an eSign or RON package within SoftPro 360 and selecting the documents to be signed or notarized. The electronic documents are then sent securely to the designated contacts who will receive text and email alerts notifying them of new documents to sign. The eSigned documents then automatically appear in the settlement agents' queue. Its dual functionality as either an eSign-only solution or an eSign plus RON solution makes SoftPro Sign a must-have product for today's real estate transfers. 

SoftPro 360 facilitates the ordering of title-related products and services from SoftPro or third-party providers without having to leave the SoftPro environment. By eliminating the need for paper order forms, phone calls, emails, and dual entry, SoftPro customers can experience improved productivity and accuracy.

Are you new to SoftPro 360? Learn more about SoftPro 360 and how to get started using it in your SoftPro software: Get Started

Are you ready to have the power to send eSignature and RON packages directly from your SoftPro Software? 


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