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Introducing the TitleLogix Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro has released a new integration with TitleLogix Solutions, LLC for tax and homeonwer association (HOA) certificates. SoftPro users can order and receive TitleLogix products via SoftPro 360, the free vendor portal linking SoftPro users to a nationwide network of third-party service providers.

SoftPro customers can order tax certificates and updates from TitleLogix directly through SoftPro 360. Once the tax or HOA certificate is completed, it is delivered electronically back via the SoftPro 360 portal. 

SoftPro Chief Customer Officer Patrick Hempen commented, “We are excited to launch this new integration with TitleLogix Solutions, which provides our customers another tool for increasing their productivity and data accuracy.”

"TitleLogix Solutions has completed the integration of its TGX platform with SoftPro 360, resulting in improved efficiency, and fewer processing steps required to order, receive and load tax and HOA certificate results into SoftPro 360 for title companies,” stated Max Harris, president and CEO of TitleLogix Solutions. “The improvement in processing efficiency is critical to a title company's need to reduce production costs." 

SoftPro 360 is free to all SoftPro users and eliminates manual, time-consuming tasks such as email and phone calls. As a seamless portal, SoftPro 360 links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of integrated vendors such as TitleLogix. 

View our full list of SoftPro 360 vendors.

Are you new to SoftPro 360? Learn more about SoftPro 360 and how to get started using it in your SoftPro software.


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