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January 2021 State Regulatory Compliance Updates

Check out information on San Francisco's recently passed Proposition I, plus form updates in Indiana and New England, and rate updates in Delaware.


  • San Francisco's Proposition I - November 3, 2020: Proposition I passed with 57.55% support, authorizing an increase to the transfer tax rate on real estate sales and leases of 35 years or more. This amends the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code to increase real-property transfer-tax rates to 5.5% (from 2.75%) on transfers of properties with a consideration value of at least $10 million and less than $25 million and to 6% (from 3%) on transfers of properties with a consideration or value of $25 million and higher. With the passage of Proposition I, San Francisco now has the highest real-property transfer-tax rate in California and one of the highest transfer-tax rates in the United States. 


  • New and Updated State Forms - January 2021: Indiana has released the following new & updated forms:
    • State Form 55632 (R / 1-21): NEW - Sales Disclosure Part 1(A)
    • State Form 57017 (1-21): NEW - Addendum Sales Disclosure Form Agricultural or Residential Property
    • State Form 57018 (1-21): NEW - Addendum Sales Disclosure Form Commercial or Industrial Property
    • State Form 46021: UPDATE to existing form - Sales Disclosure Form

New England

  • Update to Real Estate Transfer Statement, Form 521 - This form is now available in SoftPro. 


  • DTIRB Updated Rates Effective January 1, 2021

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