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Save time by filing your 1099-S  electronically in SoftPro

With 1099 season in full swing, there is a great opportunity to simplify your 1099 process, have more time to prepare your filings, and be able to spend your time more efficiently on other tasks by filing your 1099-S records online.  All you need is the add-on SoftPro module Pro1099, which automates the reporting process and makes IRS 1099-S electronic filing simple and accurate.  

Let Pro1099 make your filing process simpler, quicker, and easier with:

  • Data import/export from ProForm to 1099-S management module with no need to rekey 1099-S data
  • Eliminating any 1099 errors as they are already reported in ProForm (Available only in SoftPro Select)
  • 1099-S record management (search, report, and view)
  • Exception reporting for missing or erroneous information as well as for what is being submitted
  • Electronic submission to IRS FIRE site
In addition to the above benefits, you can also gain more time to file as the deadline for the electronic filing is April 2, 2018, while paper filing is due on February 28, 2018.
Make 2018 the year of efficiency! Get Pro1099 and start filing 1099-S electronically!
And while you are considering to optimize your 1099 filing, don't forget that you can take advantage of other time-saving add-ons available in SoftPro:

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