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Lily Bergman, Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer - Customer Testimonial

Lily Bergman from Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, PA achieves a paperless office with SoftPro

Customer since 1995

Products used: SoftPro Select

What challenges has SoftPro helped your company overcome? 

SoftPro Select with the integrated automation, allowed us to streamline our workforce and increase productivity by limiting the amount of data entry that our paralegals needed to do on a day-to-day basis. 

What goals has SoftPro helped you reach? 

SoftPro and SoftPro products have helped our firm go completely paper-free, which is a huge accomplishment for us because we are always earth conscious. And we like to minimize the impact that we're having on a daily basis, and going paper-free was a goal for almost fifteen years. 

What do you enjoy most about SoftPro?

My favorite aspect of using SoftPro Select is the automation component and how openly it integrates with other platforms.

What sets SoftPro apart?

SoftPro Select as a product out of the box can be somewhat intimidating. However, because it is so customizable, it presents opportunities at every level for nearly every kind of business in our industry. Such as - is it attorneys? Is it a law firm? Is it a title company? Either-or, you can customize the platform and create productivity and production. 

Why would you recommend SoftPro? 

I would recommend to any prospective client that they do business with SoftPro because of the customer service that SoftPro provides every client. In my experience, this has been deeply rooted in the team members at SoftPro. From a trainer level with Angel C., to implementation with Brandy D. - the experience that I have had over the course of the last three years that I've been working closely with SoftPro, has been bar none exquisite. 

Do you have any favorite SoftPro features to share with us? 

Let us know in the comments below or on social media. We'd love to hear your story! 

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