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Make the Switch to Title Software You Can Trust

Are you facing increased costs or think you're being charged more than you should be for your title production software? You shouldn't be surprised by hidden fees, sudden unreasonable increases, or changes to the pricing structure of your title and escrow production system. Instead, consider making a switch to SoftPro, the nation's leading title and escrow software provider. SoftPro understands just how important it is to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with features such as automation, integrations for closing services, and award-winning software and support. Read on to learn the benefits of using SoftPro. 

SoftPro is Flexible and Customizable

  • SoftPro offers you the choice between on-premise or hosted software options. So you can have control over the hosting and backups of your data or the option to have SoftPro handle it for you. Our hosted option also gives your team the ability to work remotely, from anywhere with their laptop and an internet connection.
  • SoftPro is fully comprehensive, customizable, and configurable, so the platform is personalized to you and your business- no matter if you're a one user shop or a hundred user shop, or if you do business in just one state or all fifty.
  • Our software includes process automation, allowing you to automate repetitive processes and make your workflow more efficient. Process automation in SoftPro allows you to track orders from start to finish, set up each step of the order to eliminate the need to check in constantly, and automatically assign each task to the appropriate personnel.

Tools to Increase Efficiency

  • Included with your software, get access to 65+ third-party integrations, such as CPLs and jackets, eRecording, eSigning, and more, via SoftPro 360 to order the closing, title, and escrow services you need. With SoftPro on-premise, you also have the ability to use your own integrations with our software.
  • Our software includes tools integral to your operations, such as the ability to automate tasks, commercial closing capabilities, 1099-S submission, accounting, onboarding and training for your staff, and more.
  • You also have access to some of our most popular products and services, such as SoftPro Sign for RON and eClosings and SoftPro Banking, for securely sending and receiving wire transfers from a network of integrated banks.

Award-Winning Support

  • SoftPro's support team is made up of real estate, customer service, technical, and troubleshooting experts, so our team is ready and available to assist you with expertise on any questions that may arise. When choosing a software partner, we think there's nothing more important than having a team of experts behind you who can help troubleshoot issues and make sure you're getting the most out of your software.
  • SoftPro’s user-friendly software and award-winning customer support have made us the #1 choice of closing and title professionals across the nation for over 39 years. Our products and support team have been recognized by the American Business Awards for over fifteen years.

SoftPro is specifically designed to allow you to complete more closings, faster, saving you time and making you more profitable. Want to see how our software could be a fit for your company?

Request a free, no-obligation demo today:


And don't just take our word for it. SoftPro has over 14,000 satisfied customers who rely on us every day to help them with their closing and title needs.

Hear from a few of our customers about why they choose SoftPro year over year:


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