4/19/23 10:48 AM

New Enhancements to agentTRAX Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro has released new enhancements to its Fidelity National Title Group's agentTRAX integration in SoftPro 360. The newest release incorporates new features in addition to the existing policy jacket and closing protection letter (CPL) production of the original integration. agentTRAX users who use SoftPro will benefit from the seamless integration made possible through the SoftPro 360 vendor portal.

The new enhancements include endorsement mapping and the ability to display net remittance amounts in addition to gross amounts. For high liability approval (HLA) requests, alert messages can be added when creating both CPLs and policy jackets. Enhancements to the policy jacket creation include the use of policy lookup codes to define which form to use when creating jackets and support for automation for submitting and acceptance of policy jackets.

"Fidelity National Title Group's agents will immediately notice a strikingly upgraded experience with the new release of the agentTRAX integration with SoftPro 360," state Patrick Hempen, chief customer officer of SoftPro. "We continually look to improve our products and services based on customer feedback, and the new agentTRAX integration is a product of those customer insights."

The newest integration also includes enhancements for the calculation and extraction of unique Kentucky premium taxes, enabling jackets to be created using the extracted amounts of the Kentucky premiums. Using SoftPro 360 integrated products such as agentTRAX reduces keystrokes and improves accuracy, resulting in higher productivity. Ordering integrated services directly through SoftPro software also eliminates time-consuming phone calls and emails for SoftPro users. 

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