4/20/23 10:50 AM

New Enhancements to NotaryLoop Integration in SoftPro 360!

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SoftPro has released new enhancements to NotaryLoop's integration in SoftPro 360. While SoftPro users have enjoyed the benefits of the notary signing services with NotaryLoop for years, the newest release incorporates new features to make the integration even more seamless.

New enhancements include updating the SoftPro 360 status to "Completed" once NotaryLoop returns a "Completed" status, the addition of a new loan information screen with loan type and lender drop down fields, and a new progress bar with messaging for order submissions. Users will appreciate the replacement of radio buttons with more streamlined drop downs for tasks such as document returns.

SoftPro Chief Customer Officer Patrick Hempen stated, "We are pleased to collaborate with NotaryLoop to provide improvements to SoftPro's NotaryLoop integration. We continually look for ways to boost existing integrations that will result in higher productivity and accuracy for SoftPro customers."

The SoftPro 360 vendor portal enables SoftPro users to securely order title-related products and services such as notary signing services with NotaryLoop directly from their SoftPro software. By eliminating time-consuming tasks such as emails, phone calls, and rekeying of data, settlement agents can boost their production while ensuring data integrity. 

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