5/12/22 10:52 AM

October Research's Best Practices Special Report Sponsored by SoftPro

"Best Practices" is more than a catch phrase. At some companies, it's the way business is conducted every day. Fortunately, companies looking to deploy the industry's best practices do not need to recreate the wheel. Rather, they can study and duplicate how others are succeeding. 

October Research has put together a special report on best practices to help you and your company develop and implement the practices that make for a healthy and thriving business. This special report is sponsored by SoftPro and absolutely free to download! 

The Best Practices special report covers:

  • Structuring the best affiliated business agreements
  • Examining data hygiene to ward off cyberattacks
  • The best safety options for appraisers
  • Keys to retaining talent
  • Encouraging and supporting homeownership for all


Topics: Best Practices