9/21/23 10:51 AM

October Research's Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Special Report

Everyone in the settlement services industry knows the risks of wire fraud, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to today's cyber concerns. Do you know who is going after your data and how to ensure you're not giving it away? Are you clear about what your cyber insurance does – and does not – cover? What are the best practices to keep your transactions safe? 

October Research has put together a special report that answers those questions and more. You can't afford to lose ownership of your valuable data assets or have your closing transactions intercepted by cyber criminals. This special report is sponsored by SoftPro and absolutely free to download! 

The Best Practices special report covers:

  • Who is going after your valuable data and how you can keep it safe
  • What lawmakers and regulators are doing to tighten data privacy laws
  • Practical processes and systems to combat cybercrime
  • How to make sure your cyberinsurance covers everything you need
  • & more!


Topics: Best Practices

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