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Ostlie Law Maximizes Efficiency with SoftPro Reconciliation Services

jeffreyostlieThe Law Office of Jeffrey Ostlie, P.A. is a real estate firm in Orlando, Florida formed in 2010. With a focus on real estate and business law, SoftPro's reconciliation services proved to be exactly what their office needed to maximize efficiency. 

Before Jeffrey Ostlie, P.A. started using SoftPro's reconciliation services, their law office was using an independent, semi-retired accountant to prepare reconciliations for the firm. Reconciliations were always delivered before the end of the following month, but it was unsure when exactly they would be delivered – sometimes in the beginning of the month, sometimes in the middle or not until the very end of the month. 

 "After I began using SoftPro's reconciliation service, I found that my reconciliations were delivered via SoftPro's portal on the same day each month. This way I can calendar that day with an expectation of when they will arrive so I can set aside some time to make sure that my trust accounts are in order."

Jeffrey Ostlie, Attorney for the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A.

Jeffrey's office enjoys how they no longer have to worry about the uncertainty of when reports will get delivered, or too many flowing in at once, leaving little time to review thoroughly. SoftPro's reconciliation service provides one combined PDF of all the reconciliation reports each month and can easily reproduce these reports out of the software at a later time if needed - making it easy to ensure their trust accounts are in order.

As Jeffrey says, "The most important thing SoftPro's reconciliation provides is peace of mind. I know that my reports will be delivered, on time and accurately. I have a backup data center where I can pull old reports if I ever need them in the future." 

When you put your trust account reconciliations in the hands of experienced, trained professionals, you get a thorough review of your trust accounts. Our services will provide you with an extra layer of fraud protection and alert you of any irregularities on your trust accounts so that you're always prepared for an audit. Learn more about SoftPro's daily and monthly reconciliation services below.


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