8/25/22 5:40 PM

Pennsylvania Rating Bureau Extends Effective Date for 2021 ALTA Forms

The Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania (TIRBOP) has obtained approval from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) to amend the Effective Date of the revised 2021 ALTA forms and Rate Manual. 

TIRBOP originally filed the 2021 ALTA forms to take effect on September 1, 2022, but recently announced that the effective date has been pushed to April 1, 2023

SoftPro's Compliance and Documents teams work hard to have new documents ready well ahead of their effective date, and as such, already have the 2021 ALTA forms completed and ready for the originally scheduled effective date. Based on this recent effective date change by TIRBOP, we will make the revised 2021 ALTA forms available for SoftPro users in the state of Pennsylvania to download from the SoftPro Documents Portal a few days ahead of the April 1, 2023 effective date.

The SoftPro Documents Portal serves as an online library of state, underwriter, land title, and national documents and reports that are available for SoftPro users to download at any time. You can learn more about this convenient, FREE feature by downloading our Documents Portal e-book and viewing our recent Saved You a Seat webinar episode with a demo of the Portal. 

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