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SoftPro 360 Customer Testimonial — Laura Holmes

Laura Holmes and the team at Campbell & Brannon, LLC rely on SoftPro 360 to increase their efficiency and seamlessly link to third-party vendors without having to leave their SoftPro software.


SoftPro 360 is a free vendor portal that links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of over 65 vendors for services such as eRecording, CPLs, jackets, eClosings, property and tax searches, and more. You can place orders for all of your closing, title and escrow products and services in one place without ever leaving your SoftPro software. Plus, all of the information from your order is automatically passed back to your SoftPro file, so there’s no need to rekey information or visit multiple websites. SoftPro 360 supports one-time data entry to reduce keystrokes and improve accuracy, and maintains a seamless, secure gateway for the two-way transmission of data. For Laura and her team, using SoftPro 360 means saving time and keeping everyone on the same page.

When asked about her team's use of the vendor portal, Laura shared, "SoftPro 360 has helped us with efficiency and helped us know if something has already been done. It pushes through to the file" so the whole team at Campbell & Brannon can see what products and services have been ordered.  

"I've never seen such an excited post-closing department as when we showed them that you could run labels for FedEx in SoftPro 360." The ability to order products and services from third-party vendors without leaving SoftPro is something Laura says her whole team was extremely excited about. SoftPro 360 allows the Campbell & Brannon team to pull information directly from their SoftPro file, eliminating the need for rekeying and thus reducing the potential for error, which Laura says "again, speaks to the efficiency" of using SoftPro 360. 

SoftPro 360 is included for free in every edition of SoftPro software, so you too can place orders for all of your title and escrow products and services in one place, without ever leaving your SoftPro software. Ready to start taking advantage of the time and money savings that SoftPro 360 has to offer? 

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