8/16/23 10:45 AM

SoftPro Banking Introduces New BankUnited Integration

SoftPro has released a new integration to its SoftPro Banking platform with BankUnited. The SoftPro Banking integration will allow BankUnited clients to automate the sending and receiving of wire transfers.

SoftPro Select users can securely initiate wire transactions for processing through the SoftPro Banking integration with BankUnited. Incoming wires can also be seamlessly receipted into their corresponding SoftPro ledger.

"We are delighted to offer the new SoftPro Banking integration with BankUnited to our customers," stated Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. "Their need to seamlessly and securely manage wire transfers is paramount to their service offerings, and SoftPro Banking fulfills that need," added Hempen.

BankUnited Managing Director of National Title Solutions Brett Shulick said, "BankUnited is pleased to offer this direct wire connectivity to our clients. This integration provides operational leverage, along with enhanced security and accuracy for highly transactional clients."

SoftPro Banking's robust security permissions allow specific users to be designated as "approvers" for outgoing wires along with established approval limits for those designated approvers. Approved incoming wires can be rejected or approved by designated users. Any approved incoming wires are seamlessly receipted to the appropriate, designated ledger. 

Are you new to SoftPro Banking? Learn more about SoftPro Banking and how to get started using it in your SoftPro Select software.


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