8/25/22 10:55 AM

SoftPro Banking Introduces New First American Integrations

SoftPro has released two new integrations in its SoftPro Banking platform for managing wire transfers. With a new integration from First American Trust, FSB, users of SoftPro Select will be able to send and receive wires directly in their SoftPro software. The First American Trust, FSB integration with SoftPro Banking supports the delivery of Positive Pay files. Additionally, SoftPro customers who are agents of First American Title will be able to utilize PCN Network's SAFEvalidation™ seamlessly within the SoftPro Banking platform. 

With First American Trust, FSB's addition as an integrated banking partner within SoftPro Banking, SoftPro Select users can seamlessly receipt incoming wires into their corresponding SoftPro ledger. Similarly, wire transactions initiated from within SoftPro Select are securely sent to First American Trust for processing.

SoftPro Select users who are agents of First American Title will also be able to validate wire instructions and remediate payoffs without leaving their SoftPro environment through the new integration with PCN Network, LLC's SAFEvalidation application. Users can push wire and payoff information from their SoftPro order to SAFEvalidation and obtain information regarding the bank account's validity from SAFEvalidation. Account and routing numbers are verified by SAFEvalidation and account numbers are also verified to be owned by the recipient of funds designated by the user through real-time authentication against bank records.  

"Protecting funds is critical to every real estate transaction, and the new SoftPro Banking integrations with First American Trust and SAFEvalidation provide our customers with more tools to protect those funds," stated Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. 

"We are very excited about the integration with SoftPro Select," commented Sheri Olsen, First American Trust national director of banking services. "This integration allows agents to manage daily banking responsibilities directly in their SoftPro platform, creating efficiencies and cost savings. First American Trust is an expert in title and escrow banking and our goal in partnering with SoftPro is to create an integration that makes banking easier for our title agents. We are working on additional products with SoftPro that will continue to enhance the title agents banking services."

PCN Network President Kenneth Smolar stated “Our integration with SoftPro, from planning and development, through testing and completion, proceeded smoothly and efficiently. The dedicated SoftPro team members communicated well with our team and provided substantive detailed assistance throughout the integration process. Working with SoftPro on our integration was a productive and enjoyable experience.”

SoftPro Banking features sophisticated security permissions allowing for the designation of specific users as “approvers” for outgoing wires in addition to approval limits for those designated approvers. The integration with First American Trust also supports SoftPro’s Positive Pay feature which allows for a list of checks to be sent to the bank for authorization of payment by First American Trust, thus preventing illicit check writing. With SoftPro Banking’s integration with SAFEvalidation, wire instructions are authenticated in real-time and payoff accounts are validated prior to the disbursement of funds. These seamless integrations enhance the security of funds and maximize productivity with everything managed within the SoftPro Banking application.

Are you new to SoftPro Banking? Learn more about SoftPro Banking and how to get started using it in your SoftPro Select software.


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