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SoftPro Customer Testimonial — Andrea Somers

Andrea Somers and the team at Network Transaction Solutions rely on automation in SoftPro Select to cut down on manual tasks and increase their overall efficiency.

When asked if she recommends SoftPro to other title agents she talks to, Andrea replied with an adamant "Absolutely! These are companies that don't really have a process flow, don't really have a way of working without physical files." She goes on to explain that some title agents she speaks with are still doing a lot of manual work. She recommends SoftPro to these agents because there are a number of tools that can help eliminate many repetitive tasks and manual data entry.

Andrea and her team use automation in SoftPro Select to streamline their processes. "A simple task can trigger all kinds of actions that we don't have to do manually." Utilizing automation saves the Network Transaction Solutions team countless hours and allows them to focus on what is most important: serving their customers! Want to learn how you can boost your productivity, minimize human error, and increase consistency with automation? Download our free automation e-book

Andrea and team also save themselves time and effort by utilizing SoftPro 360, the free vendor portal that links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of over 65 vendors for services such as eRecording, CPLs, jackets, eClosings, property and tax searches, and more. SoftPro 360 supports one-time data entry to reduce keystrokes and improve accuracy, and all of the information from your order is automatically passed back to your SoftPro file, so there’s no need to rekey information or visit multiple websites.

"Instead of receiving information in our emails, it has been nice to be on SoftPro 360; items pop in, documents pop in straight to our file, so of course that's made things a lot easier for us," says Andrea. SoftPro 360 is available for free for ALL SoftPro users, so your company can receive all of the same time-saving benefits that the Network Transaction Solutions team enjoys. Ready to start taking advantage everything that SoftPro 360 has to offer? 

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