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SoftPro Customer Testimonial — Sarah Chevalier

Sarah Chevalier and the team at Diversified National Title Agency recently made the switch to SoftPro for their title production. Sarah sat down with us to discuss why they chose SoftPro, what the implementation process was like, and how SoftPro has helped their office become more efficient.

When Sarah and the Diversified National Title team were shopping for new title production software, they needed a software solution that would work with the structure of their organization, not against it. "We have many organizations within our main organization, multiple trust accounts, ledgers, and we just found that the system we were in couldn't handle that volume or structure that we had," says Sarah. During the process of shopping for new title production software, Sarah and her team spent a lot of time vetting SoftPro and how it could handle the day-to-day needs of their business. They worked with SoftPro sales specialists to ensure that SoftPro could accomplish their goals and be built out in a way that met the team's unique needs. They then worked with the SoftPro implementation team to tailor their instance of SoftPro to work efficiently for Diversified National Title and the team's specific goals.

Customizing SoftPro was just one piece of the puzzle for Sarah and her team — they also needed to learn how to use the software. "We've had amazing trainers that have come alongside us and taken their time with our team to teach them the system and show them how, not just train it out of the box, but train our team with how we built this system," Sarah explains. When asked about her biggest takeaway from the process of learning and implementing SoftPro, she says, "You're going to have homework assignments; do those! Because if you take your time, it's going to work." 

Sarah and her team save time and streamline their workflows by utilizing SoftPro 360, the free vendor portal that links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of over 70 vendors for services such as eRecording, CPLs, jackets, eClosings, property and tax searches, and more. SoftPro 360 supports one-time data entry to reduce keystrokes and improve accuracy, and all of the information from your order is automatically passed back to your SoftPro file, so there’s no need to rekey information or visit multiple websites. "My favorite thing about making the switch to SoftPro has been all of the automations, the integrations, what is inside the system itself, where you don't really have to leave," explains Sarah. "It's been a lot more efficient for our team to just be in one spot." 

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