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SoftPro Customer Testimonial — Susan Wehrle

Susan Wehrle, with Title Partners Agency, LLC, utilizes SoftPro to increase efficiency and streamline the company's workflow. 

What challenges were you facing before you started using SoftPro? 

One problem that I faced before using SoftPro was that I had to use a separate software system or program for images like documents and things like that. That was resolved by the fact that the imaging system is built in to the SoftPro software. 

What goals has SoftPro helped you reach? 

A professional goal that SoftPro has helped me reach is that by learning how to utilize the system for our users, we were able to bring technology forward and give our users the best experience possible.  

What has been your favorite part about using SoftPro?

I think that my favorite feature in the software is the drag and drop feature. I know it's pretty simple, but it is really important and you really miss it if you don't have it. You're just able to carry and drop documents from either your outlook or your email and vice versa, so it's very helpful, especially when you're busy. 

How does the SoftPro 360 platform help your organization?

We do use SoftPro 360 for multiple integrations. We use it ship our FedEx and we also use it to open support tickets. We have multiple integrations, we use the Notarize integration, as well as we also generate closing protection letters and things from each of our underwriters. 

Why would you recommend SoftPro? 

I would recommend SoftPro to somebody else because I really feel like it is the best software provider for the title industry, and I feel that way because it's constantly evolving and changing with the needs of our industry. 

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