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SoftPro Sign Customer Testimonial – Angie Bodenheimer

Angie Bodenheimer and the team at Knight Barry Title Group use SoftPro Sign to save time, increase efficiency, and securely send and receive information to and from their customers. We chatted with Angie about the challenges her team faced before using SoftPro Sign and the results of their switch to using SoftPro Sign along with their SoftPro software.

What is SoftPro Sign? 

SoftPro Sign is your one-stop solution to facilitate eClosings in SoftPro. With SoftPro Sign, all parties involved in a real estate transaction can securely sign or notarize documents online. SoftPro Sign enables seamless online collaboration with the settlement agent, lender, real estate agent, investor, and consumer. SoftPro Sign can be utilized for secure and simple eSigning of documents, or use SoftPro Sign’s Remote Online Notarization (RON) capabilities to keep your own RON services in-house, further streamlining the transfer of real property for all entities. With the option to do eSign only or eSign + RON within SoftPro Sign, settlement agents no longer have to choose between vendors who offer only one or the other. With SoftPro Sign, getting documents signed or notarized is a breeze.

The Challenges with Other e-Sign Software

Before utilizing SoftPro Sign, Angie and her team faced three major challenges:

1. Lack of integration. The e-signature program that the company was using was not integrated with SoftPro, causing Knight Barry's staff to have to download document packages and then manually reupload signed documents back into SoftPro.

2. Templates. The team struggled with templates because their previous e-sign program's templating abilities were generic and not robust in capabilities.  "If we had a package of documents uploaded into the program, each field had to be tagged explicitly because the templates didn't overlay properly," lamented Angie. She went on to discuss the wasted time her team spent on data entry: "To use a templated document, we had to enter customers' names, addresses, file numbers, and several other pieces to fill in the required information on the forms."

3. Security. The Knight Barry team's third, and perhaps most concerning challenge, was security. The e-signature software they were using was not secure, so they were not able to send or collect personal information from their customers directly through the e-sign software. 

The Solution with SoftPro Sign 

Making the switch to SoftPro Sign solved each of Knight Barry's three major challenges:

1. Integration. SoftPro Sign is fully integrated with SoftPro through SoftPro 360. This removes the need for multiple logins, eliminates tedious rekeying by pulling information directly from the SoftPro file, and streamlines the workflow by, as Angie puts it, "pulling documents from SoftPro Attachments or outside records into the program quickly and easily."

2. Templates. SoftPro Sign made Knight Barry's templating process a breeze. By utilizing an overlay templating process, SoftPro Sign users are able to pull in transaction-specific documents that tag all appropriate areas across documents, which reduces the staff workload and cuts down on potential rekeying errors.

3. Security. SoftPro Sign utilizes multi-factor authentication (MFA), which allows Knight Barry customers to access their documents and complete their closings securely, and gives Angie, her team, and their customers peace of mind that all personal information is safe. 

The Results for Knight Barry

So what is Knight Barry's number one reason for using SoftPro Sign? "It's a timesaver!" Angie declares. "Since SoftPro Sign integrates within SoftPro, users can stay in the SoftPro environment, and, with only a few additional clicks, deliver documents to the customer for e-signatures." She adds that automation within SoftPro saves the team time and effort by pulling e-signed documents directly back into the SoftPro file: "they no longer have to download and re-upload documents into an additional program." When asked to share her final thoughts, Angie has one last comment to add: "Our team LOVES SoftPro Sign!" 

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