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Surety Title Agency maximizes power of SoftPro with QuickBooks

Surety Title.pngSurety Title Agency, Inc. and SoftPro have a lot in common. Both companies went into business in the early 1980’s with a desire to be a trusted partner to their respective clients. The paths of the two companies would come together in 2015 when Surety Title Agency began using SoftPro for its closing and title automation.

Before that, Surety Title used a proprietary program that worked well for them until the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices went into effect. They realized that they would need to find a new software solution to satisfy the Best Practices requirements.

“By using SoftPro, we were able to comply on an ongoing basis with all the changes and updates that Best Practices required, especially in regards to the trust accounting solution, ProTrust.”

Rose Ann Pascucci, Secretary and Treasurer of Surety Title

Surety Title was very impressed with comprehensive trust accounting functionality, revenue reporting, positive pay and 3 way reconciliation reports generated in ProTrust, SoftPro's accounting module, allowing them to directly import their bank’s information and detail cleared transactions in ProTrust.

Surety Title also took advantage of a ProTrust add-on, Positive Pay, allowing them to create a file containing a list of checks to be authorized for payment and compile the checks that fall within their specified date range into a file to be sent to their bank. The checks were then authorized for payment by the bank, which allowed to prevent illicit check writing.

After the implementation was complete, Surety Title was able to not only optimize the features and functionalities that come standard with SoftPro, but also take advantage of additional features and custom integrations, allowing them to operate more efficiently than ever.

For example, the company maximized the power of SoftPro with custom Quickbooks integration, allowing them to seamlessly export the ledger data into Quickbooks and easily reconcile their trust accounts.

Additionally, the company had a need to gain deeper visibility into their business performance and customize the software to their specific needs with custom documents and reports, such as daily revenue reports, borrowers’ and sellers’ settlement statements, and custom checks and invoices.

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