6/16/21 10:55 AM

The Legal Description's Wire Fraud Special Report Sponsored by SoftPro

As the rate of wire fraud continues to rise, it isn't enough to just know what the wire fraud threats are - you must also educate your staff, have established fraud prevention practices, and ensure your partners and consumers are aware of your processes and procedures. If this sounds daunting, The Legal Description and SoftPro are here to help! 

The Legal Description has put together a special report on wire fraud to help you and your company develop and implement the practices needed to thwart fraud in its tracks. This special report is sponsored by SoftPro and absolutely free to download! 

The Wire Fraud special report outlines:

  • Educating partners and consumers about wire fraud risk
  • Putting processes in place to curb fraud
  • Responding rapidly to an incident 
  • How fraudsters have taken advantage of the pandemic 


Want to learn more about data security and wire fraud? Check out our Data Security and Wire Fraud Panel webinar, part of our free Saved You a Seat webinar series. 


Topics: Best Practices

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