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Title Partners Agency, LLC Maximizes Value of SoftPro with Consulting

Title Partners Agency, LLC
Title Partners Agency, LLC
 is a title company based out of St. Louis, Missouri. One of the largest locally owned title companies in the St. Louis metro area, Title Partners Agency, LLC is a SoftPro Select customer. 

Dale Teruya, Chief Financial Officer, recalls how in April 2016, his company made the decision to convert to SoftPro from another title production software. They opted for a fully customized version of SoftPro that allowed them to implement new features in tandem with their current processes. Title Partners Agency was able to switch to SoftPro in less than 100 days from signing the contract – a noteworthy feat for a company that closes over 1,000 files per month. The switch to SoftPro was so seamless that customers weren't even aware that Title Partners Agency was in the midst of a major conversion. 

"SoftPro is like a Ferrari. It's a shiny car with a lot of power and features. If you can't get it out of first gear, you'll never enjoy the true benefits of ownership."

Every year since Title Partners Agency's conversion, they have used week-long sessions of SoftPro's Consulting Services to review their use of SoftPro, implement new features, update documents, and improve their workflows. With these services, Title Partners Agency, LLC was able to maximize the value of the software and stay on top of the ever-changing technology trends in the title industry. 

As Dale says, "The week-long consulting engagement is our best annual investment to keep up with the changing technology marketplace and to identify the best practices being used by other title companies." 

Above all else, the team at Title Partners Agency, LLC, was exceptionally grateful for their trainer, Angel Campbell. Dale recalled, "Angel has an extensive background as a former escrow closer and has extensive background in the inner workings of SoftPro." Thanks to Angel, Title Partners Agency, LLC was able to customize their software specific to their workflows. They were also able to modify their procedures in order to maximize all of the benefits SoftPro has to offer. 

Want to learn more about how SoftPro's Consulting Service can help your office utilize SoftPro products to the fullest? 


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