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Top 3 Types of Automation for Beginners [Free Guide]

Have you wanted to begin using automation in SoftPro, but don't know where to start? SoftPro Select is our most customizable, most comprehensive software solution we have to offer and allows you to automate tasks that are normally done manually, saving you time while you focus on what's most important - servicing your customers!

We know that the idea of using automation can be daunting, especially when you've been doing the same tasks manually for so long. We rounded up the top 3 types of automation processes that are simple to set up to help you get started using automation.

The top 3 types of automation for beginners:

  1. 1. Task-Based Automation
  2. Think about it as an “If-Then” statement. You set up a task to be completed, and it is auto-triggered once something specific happens. For example, if Status X is changed, then Task Y automatically occurs, or when Task A is done, Task B is immediately assigned for completion.

  3. 2. Automation paired with SoftPro 360
  4. Take our SoftPro 360 integrations a step further and automatically set up actions to be taken within 360 once a step in the file is complete without needing to do any additional work.

  5. 3. Template-Based Automation
  6. Set up parameters and once those specifics are met, a certain template will be automatically added to your order. You can create lender templates, HOA templates and more so you can make sure you never miss a step again.

Implement any – or all three – of these processes into your closing orders and let SoftPro’s automation tools take over. You’ll see your efficiency - and accuracy - rise and your level of repeat work fall.

Ready to see examples of each type of automation in action?
Download our free guide!


Still not convinced that automation is the game-changer that takes your office to the next level? We’d be happy to show you more with a free demo of SoftPro Select. And if you’re a Select customer already, we want to talk to you and make sure you’re taking advantage of everything the platform offers.

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