3/19/20 9:34 AM

Top 3 Types of Automation for Beginners [Free Guide]

Have you wanted to begin using automation in SoftPro, but don't know where to start? SoftPro Select is our most customizable, most comprehensive software solution we have to offer and allows you to automate tasks that are normally done manually,...
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9/24/19 3:06 PM

Do you have the right compliance tools and best practices in place? [Free E-book]

The entire real estate world has been working toward compliance for years, going all the way back to RESPA in the 1970s. You’ve always had your customers’ best interests at heart, but now there are more hoops than ever to jump through before you can...
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3/25/19 1:16 PM

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Closing, Title and Escrow Software [Free E-book]

Any major decision or purchase is a big deal, both emotionally and financially. If it happens to relate to your title business, there can be an extra layer of stress. So, if one of your looming choices this year is to select a new title production...
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8/22/18 10:00 AM

Close commercial deals like a pro! [Free E-book]

Managing commercial real estate closings can be a daunting and complex task. Download the Essential Guide to learn how to start using commercial capabilities in SoftPro Select and become a master of efficiency and productivity.
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3/26/18 10:00 AM

How automation can help you become your customers' superhero [Free E-book]

The pace of digital business is rapidly increasing, where customers demand more and better solutions much faster. Simply stated, everyone has to do a lot more with less, period. This certainly places a lot of burden on business in all industries, not...
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