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Understanding Your Reconciliation Reports: Receipts & Disbursements

Whether you're a SoftPro reconciliation service customer or you prepare your own reconciliation reports, it's important to understand what your reconciliation reports are telling you. SoftPro's Understanding Your Reconciliation Reports video series provides a deep dive into each key report to help you better understand the condition of your escrow account.

In the fourth of the series, SoftPro's Reconciliation Manger Mike McCloskey provides you with an overview of the Outstanding Receipts & Disbursements Report. He covers:

  • What is included in the Outstanding Receipts & Disbursements Report
  • A sample Outstanding Receipts & Disbursements Report from SoftPro
  • Where the Outstanding Receipts & Disbursements will appear on your Reconciliation Summary
  • Guidelines for reviewing your Outstanding Receipts & Disbursements

Watch the video below!

A third-party reconciliation service can provide you with an extra layer of protection against fraud, with the ability to alert you of any irregularities on your trust account. SoftPro offers daily and monthly reconciliation services that can help you protect your account against fraudulent transactions. 

With SoftPro's reconciliation service, you get: 

  • Reconciliation of your escrow trust account each month, including a three-way reconciliation, reconciling bank statement, book balance, and trial balance
  • A trial balance report for your escrow trust account, listing all open escrow balances each month
  • Daily reconciliation of receipts and disbursements reporting on any exception items
  • & more!

If you're ready to take your reconciliations to the next level, request a free reconciliation services quote today! 


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